Delayed Increases on Tariff Increases Planned for Oct. 15!

  • Delayed Increases on Tariff Increases Planned for Oct. 15!

    U.S. can impose  tariffs on 7.5 Billion in goods because E.U. gave illegal subsidies to Airbus, WTO rules!

    The administration plans to impose tariffs of 10 percent on European aircraft’s and 25 percent on a variety of agricultural and industrial products, once it receives the final WTO approval later this month, a senior official with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative told reporters.
    USTR said French wine, Italian cheeses, cashmere sweaters and a range of other popular items would face the higher tariffs beginning Oct. 18.

    The tariffs will be applied to a range of imports from EU Member States, with the bulk of the tariffs being applied to imports from France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom—the four countries responsible for the illegal subsidies. Although USTR has the authority to apply a 100 percent tariffs on affected products, at this time the tariff increases will be limited to 10 percent on large civil aircraft and 25 percent on agricultural and other products. The U.S. has the authority to increase the tariffs at any time, or change the products affected.
    USTR will continually re-evaluate these tariffs based on our discussions with the EU.

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