We Offer Full FBA Services Now!

  • We Offer Full FBA Services Now!

    We Offer Full FBA Services Now!

    Amoy International LLC is US based International and Domestic freight forwarding company since 2004. We specialize in freight handlings to FBA for International and US local companies.

    FBA Prep services:

    • International ocean freight, full container and loose freight
    • International air freight, courier packages
    • Customs Clearance; AMS filing; ISF filing
    • International Seller registration with US Customs
    • Importer’s bond application
    • Door to port cargo insurance
    • Container devanning, re-packaging, palletizing, sorting, fix boxes, labeling
    • Nationwide LTL distribution to all FBA with appointments
    • We accept return, re-work cargo from Amazon
    • Warehouse Storages and cargo exports
    • Preparation on FBA inventory in all capacities

    It is important to comply with FBA requirements on how they prefer each order being received so it can be quickly fulfilled upon arrival. Otherwise, orders can be refused and fees charged if products are not delivered as they specified.

    Shipping with Amoy is hassle free and time saving. Amoy makes contact with your overseas vendor, make freight bookings, clear Customs then ship to Amoy warehouse, wait for FBA label instructions, organize products, fix any broken boxes, palletize them, and then make appointment for delivery to FBA.

    There are no orders too small or too big, call us today, we will love to help you success in E-Commerce World!

    Thank you,

    Amoy Team!

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