Ship Wreckage washes up to Shore

  • Ship Wreckage washes up to Shore

    Ship Wreckage washes up to Shore

    The remains of a ship used for illegal activities during the Prohibition era have appeared in Coronado, California, unearthed by El Niño storms.

    The SS Monte Carlo was caught in a storm on New Year’s Eve 1936 and washed up on South Coronado Beach the next morning, NBC San Diego reported.

    The ship is still there and can be seen from time to time when there isn’t too much sand.

    But the storms cleaned up the shore even more and the SS Monte Carlo is now more visible than ever.

    Coronado historian Joe Ditler, who has studied the shipwreck for decades, told NBC San Diego he had never seen it more clearly.

    The SS Monte Carlo was once anchored in international waters to bypass US laws during the Prohibition Days.

    Those looking for gambling, booze and prostitution would reach it thanks to a smaller boat and enjoy a night full of forbidden pleasures.

    ‘Evangelists throughout San Diego County and Southern California devoted their whole sermons to sin ships,’ Ditler told NBC San Diego.

    ‘”May God let forth His wrath!’” When it did break moorings and crashed, they took credit.’

    Some say at least $100,000 worth of silver dollars remain in the wreckage after being buried under the sand.

    Photo Credit: @Jamie Lantzy

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